Apart from your house, a car is the other place you can enjoy quality music. Car Stereo Warehouse helps you achieve that. There are common installation mistakes committed by most car stereo installers. This is why you need to consult Car Stereo Warehouse. Here are some of the touches we give to your car for a high quality sound.

Replace your car speakers.Here at Car Stereo Warehouse, the first thing we do is to replace your old car’s speakers. When a car manufacture designs a car, the speaker is the least of their worries. We have nice aftermarket speakers that can replace your old speakers. You will enjoy a much tighter bass and more overall clarity.
Car Stereo WarehouseBypass the player’s built-in digital-to-analog converterWhat a digital-to-analog converter or DAC does is to convert digital information into analog music signals. You need to understand that your player’s built-in DAC sounds is good with earbuds but you won’t enjoy the same performance in a more advanced DACs in the car stereos. If you connect your phone or iPod to your aftermarket stereo via USB, you may bypass your device’s DAC. At Car Stereo Warehouse, we help you out with such issues and guarantee you the best performance in your stereo.

Sound deadening material We know music is a priority in your car and this is why we use Dynamite or other sound deadening materials to deaden the vibration from the doors to create a more stable platform for your speaker.
We also use these materials to lower the interior noise levels that rise when you start speeding. After we handle your sound system, you won’t have to turn your music up when speeding. We make sure that you can hear even the smallest musical detail without overworking your amps.

Add an equalizer or a signal processor Unless handled by a professional, your car interior presents some serious problems when it comes to sound quality. Plastic and glass surfaces really reflect sound while the seat covers and carpet absorbs sound. As a result, you may experience frequency response peaks that cause “ear fatigue” but once we add a signal processor or an equalizer, all that will be history.

Build a good sub boxWe not only offer a subwoofer box, but also make sure it is properly sealed. What hurts the performance of your sub are air leaks. If you already have a ported box, we make sure that what you have in there is the right sub. Remember it is easy to destroy a subwoofer that was designed for a sealed box use by driving it hard in a ported enclosure. At Car Stereo Warehouse we advise you on all that.
Add a subWe always assess your sound system before we make any changes. One thing that makes a difference is adding a sub. This is what gives our customers the “Wow” moment. Adding a sub brings the bottom octave of music back to proper balance. What you hear next are familiar tunes you missed in a whole new light.

At Car Stereo Warehouse, we have the experience to bring your car music system back to life. This is the time to make a change in your car.